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Enchanted Summer

Princess Dance Camp, Mailed Activities Kit  and FREE Princess Costume

* All for only $97 *


Congratulations :)!  Your little stars Camp Kit will be mailed directly to the address above within two weeks :)


  • * Like NOTHING you’ve ever seen before!

  • * Aren’t quite able (or ready) to go back to life as it was before.

  • * Feeling guilty about your little one sitting around all day long?

We can help make that easier on you!!!

This year’s Dance Dreams Enchanted Summer Camp is coming direct to your home, in the shape of a box full of fun, activities, games and lessons for your kids to do at home. Plus, it’s connected to an online experience that you can tune into from wherever you are!

And if that isn’t enough…your kit will include YOUR VERY OWN DISNEY PRINCESS COSTUME!!! And YOU get to pick which princess!!! We have Ariel, Anna, Aurora, Elsa, Snow White, Mulan, Rapunzel, Belle, Jasmine, Tiana, and Moana!!! Just let us know which costume your dancer wants and it will be included in your Summer Camp Kit :)!

For the virtual portion of the camp, you will also get a private link to the Dance Dreams Virtual Course, where each week we there will be a new class video. You will also get the links to our Private Facebook group for this Virtual Academy, access to free online Fun Dances four  times a month, AAANNNNDDD Virtual class meets 8 times a week!!! Just pick the time that works best for your family and you can log in and have a VIRTUAL REAL TIME FACE TO FACE class with our amazing instructors right in the comfort and safety of your own home!!!

You get all of this dance instruction PLUS a Princess Costume all for $97 a month!

That is an unbelievable deal!!!

For $97 a month your little star can safely move over into this magical new experience! You already know us, and trust us and our instructors have built amazing memories with each and every one of your little stars. Come with us as we take all this craziness and turn it into an amazing blessing where we can continue to share the love of dance with your amazing star all from the safety and comfort and ease of your living room!

Don’t let your star miss out on this amazing change to have a normal summer :)! Let’s Dance Love, Dance Joy and Dance Dreams :)!!!


Simply click here to signup and select your FREE Disney Princess costume!!!

Costumes are first come first don't delay...reserve yours today :)!!!

Call Us Now! 817-614-0453

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