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Excited Children in Science Class



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When registering on our Parent Portal - Please find your kiddos school and then make sure you select the class at that school listed as "DAVINCI'S APPRENTICE" or "DA" :)

Here are just SOME of some of the amazing things we do in classes!!!

Sticky Water:

     Can you actually pour water from one glass into another glass 2 feet away?!  Yes you can!  This week we'll learn all about the power water has to actually STICK! 

Crystal Star Mobile:

     Removing solute from the solution...sounds boring right?!  Not with Davinci's Apprentice!  This week we'll learn all about Chromatography and Engineering, and we'll make a really cool star mobile while we do it!

Salt Crystal Feathers

     What could make possibly make a soft feather better?  If it was all hard and crunchy of course!  This week we'll actually take time to see the crystals forming and talk about what that means and how it happens :)!

Pendulum Painting

     This week we're going to make an awesome painting...but not with a paintbrush...we're using the forces of MOTION & GRAVITY instead of course!  Swinging Pendulum = Paint Brush...Sir Isaac Newton would be so proud! 

Jiggly Crystals

     Everyone's heard of Cross-Linked Polyacrylate Copolymer right?!  Well after this week your little scientist will not only know what it is...they will use it to make jiggly little crystal sponges!  Bonus...they even drink water!

Magic Ooze

     Is it a solid or a's a non-Newtonian fluid.  WHAT?!  This week we'll learn about the different states of matter and make a MESS doing it!

Mystery Marble

     Miscible or Immiscible?  What does that even mean?!  This week we'll learn about density by making a floating marble pretty enough to display on your windowsill.

Fizzy Moon

     This week we'll use fizzy baking soda paint to learn about the different phases of the moon and why we can only see part of it at different times.  This fun project lets our little scientists display their creative side and learn some astronomy in the process!

Salt Painting

     Did you know that salt is Hygroscopic?  That means it can absorb both liquid water and water vapor in the air.  We will use this amazing trait to paint with glue and a liquid's gonna be awesome!

Coding a Lego Maze

     Welcome to Coding 101.  This introduction will teach your scientist about perspective and how to figure things out from a different point of reference than their own!  This is an incredibly important skill for any we've made it fun by making it all about getting a little Lego person out of his maze!!!

And that's just the START! 

Don't miss out!

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